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Experience the Ultimate Luxury in Bath, Hair & Body Care

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The minimalist sophistication that defines our brand identity is a testament to our belief that less is more. Through sleek design and clean lines, we invite you to embrace simplicity and elevate your daily routines with products that truly care.


Our Story

Clarity embarked on a journey embracing freshness, honesty, and wellbeing. Our products radiate authenticity, cleanliness, and transparence, these values shape our essence.

From our Foamz liquid hand soap range to our salon quality Shampoo and Conditioner, our collection exudes luxury united with science and nature.

Empowering women through minimalist sophistication, we encourage self-care, informed choices, and a revitalized spirit.

Step into Clarity, where simplicity meets
self-care - a genuine necessity.

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New Arrivals - Luxury Haircare


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11 bahy eldin Barakat.
Giza. Egypt


Sunday - Thursday

9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Friday & Satuday:


Mobile: (+2) 122 397 8212

Sales: +20 103 050 5333

Direct: (+02) 02 356 816 34

Direct: (+02) 02 356 816 39

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